Natalie Simmonds

What makes class so awesome?
You can expect a strong and creative flow teamed up with a fun, uplifting playlist. My teaching focuses on intelligent alignment, breath-work and mindful awareness of body mobility. although my classes are energetic and dynamic, they are always kind and INCLUSIVE 🙂

Who is your fitness hero and why?
I don’t have a fitness hero, all the people who turn up week after week to practice with me are. I have so much respect for everyone who manages to make it to class at some point during the day. we live in a super busy city and lead busy lives so anyone who embodies the commitment to practice daily/weekly are my heroes.

What does your downtime look like?
When I’m not on my mat I’m hanging out with my husband and sausage dog!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
To be comfortable in your own skin. Be the best you can be. Own it and rock it, whatever it is.

What was your journey as an instructor what brings you here?
I come from a professional dance background and I began practicing yoga to help balance out the pressures from performing professionally. The mental benefits I got from yoga really helped me as yoga is all about finding a healthier, deeper harmony between our body and mind.
Once I decided to make the transition from performing to something else, I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher. It elevates me being given the opportunity to share this love of yoga and have everyone feeling included, empowered and encouraged.

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