Be Kind To.. Yourself: Hypnotherapy

A workshop and group hypnotherapy session

Thursday 21st May, 7:30pm

In this 90 minute workshop we’ll learn practical ways to be kinder to yourself and then infuse the positive messages into your unconscious mind with a group hypnotherapy session.

It’s a strange concept, being kinder to yourself, you’d expect it to just come naturally. After all we spend most of our time with ourselves, so why wouldn’t we be kind to us?

Unfortunately, we tend to be very negative and self-deprecating. We tell ourselves that we need to lose weight, we’re not eating right, we need more exercise, we’re unorganised, we need to earn more money…it’s a never-ending cycle of negativity!

And we need to stop, right now.

In the workshop, you will learn tools for being kinder to yourself, always remember; you cannot pour from an empty cup and if you wear yourself out, you’re no good to anybody. Read more from Chloe on kindness here.

Chloe Brotheridge is a hypnotherapist and coach and anxiety expert at and the host of The Calmer You Podcast. She’s the author of The Anxiety Solution and ‘Brave New Girl’.

We believe in moving your body in a way that makes you FEEL great. We set out to disrupt the fitness industry by focusing on movement for mental health over aesthetics and bringing the FUN into fitness. The theme for this Mental Health Awareness week is Kindness. We’ve scheduled workshops across the week aimed to help you be kind to your mind, body and others around you. £4 from every booking is going to the charity Mind who are ensuring no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

We know the powerful effect movement can have in supporting Mental Health but if you need to talk to someone please do. Mind has a helpline and you can find full information here.


Book via the Timetable, and you will be sent an e-mail with all the details you need to join the workshop.

To make the most of your class, choose and set up a space for yourself – somewhere that you will be comfortable and uninterrupted for the length of the session. Arrange the space to be calming and welcoming for you.

To get the best experience from the hypnotherapy you will want headphones, preferably noise cancelling. You might also want to have the following to hand: Comfy Clothes, pillows, A note book & pen.

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