Saturday 4th July, 10:30am

This year, as we celebrate PRIDE, our amazing Instructors have chosen a charity particularly close to their hearts, to donate all the proceeds from their classes to.

Brendan’s Hun-tastic take on the housewives favourite “legs bums and tums class”
You’ll concentrate on toning specific areas, rather than specifically raising the heart rate, but don’t be fooled that this is going to be easy. Exercises will be repeated to the point that you may feel your butt may never contract again. Good job we’ll be stretching them out… Before we get back on it and start with the next set of exercises, all set to an epic sound track of your favourite 90s and 00s Huns!

Brendan is raising money for Just Like Us, who offer support to LGBTQ+ Youth in Education.

Growing up LGBTQ+ can be tough, trust me I know! I grew up in a small country town where there isn’t a great understanding about the LGBTQ+ community. Teachers and people of authority weren’t equipped with the information they need to give you support so it was a journey I went through alone, which involved the fair bit of bullying, not gonna lie.

Luckily I moved away, leaving that chapter of my life behind. Unfortunately there are young LGBTQ+ people out there who still experience this from day to day, and still get bullied simply for being themselves. What others see as a ‘bit of banter’ can actually have a life-long negative impact on vulnerable young people’s potential and wellbeing, and this is down to a lack of knowledge of being LGBTQ+.

‘Just Like Us’ is a charity offering support to LGBTQ+ youth in education; their programmes include educating teachers so they can support their students, offering workshops in schools by giving talks and challenging people’s prejudge, and helping to start up Pride Support Groups in education led by LGBTQ+ students and allies. This is a charity I’m very fond of, I think it’s vital that we start educating the youth of today to stamp out homophobic and transphobic bullying so the next generation can live a brighter, peaceful future.


Book via the Timetable, from Saturday 27th June, and you will be sent an e-mail with all the details you need to join the workshop.

To make the most of your class, choose and set up a space for yourself – somewhere with space to strut around without standing on the cat, or tripping over any furniture!

Let your teacher know if you have any injuries, or are pre or post natal, by using the chat box at the start of the session.

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