Meditation + Mindfulness for Sleep

Do you struggle to get to sleep?

Thursday 28th May, 6:30pm

Do you struggle to get to sleep? Do you close your eyes only to lie for hours with thoughts racing through your mind? Do you wish you had some tools and techniques to calm a busy mind?

Mindfulness and meditation can help! In this 90 minute workshop, you’ll be armed with a toolkit of tips, tricks and techniques to calm your busy mind and get to sleep. You’ll leave with an understanding of why it’s so difficult to calm your mind (it’s not what you think!), what you’re getting wrong and what you should do instead. And you’ll experience a deep relaxation meditation to leave you totally zen and ready for bed.

Holiday is a Meditation teacher, & Transformational Coach, having trained under some of the world’s best teachers and helped many people transform their lives. Her key message is that we all have the ability to live full, happy and peaceful lives – sometimes we just need reminding how.


Book via the Timetable, and you will be sent an e-mail with all the details you need to join the workshop.

To make the most of your class, choose and set up a space for yourself – somewhere that you will be comfortable and uninterrupted for the length of the session. Arrange the space to be calming and welcoming for you.

You might want to have the following to hand: a Mat, Comfy Clothes, a note book & pen.

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