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Hi friend, welcome to FRAME!

We’re on a mission to get more people moving their bodies in a way that makes them FEEL great. 

FRAME was born in 2009 with the simple mantra that getting fit should never feel like a chore and we’ve been putting the FUN back into fitness ever since. We believe in the power of sweet endorphins and the magical effects it can have on our mind and bodies.

Life can be complicated but getting your daily dose of endorphins shouldn’t be. You can come to see us at one of our studios, show up to a live stream class from virtually anywhere or create your own timetable with our on-demand classes.

And because every day is different, we’ve got a class to suit every mood and lifestyle. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself here. But remember – reading about them won’t get you fit, showing up to class will.


A message from Pip and Joan, FRAME founders

‘Back in 2007 before fitness was a ‘thing’ we were both living the fast-paced London life, loved a good party like everyone did those days and probably burning the candle at both ends. Having both grown up running around and playing sports for the simple fact that it made us feel fucking great we quickly realised that this was what we were missing. The fitness offering at the time was very much geared towards ‘weight loss’ or feelings of guilt if you’d eaten too much. Spending hours on a treadmill going nowhere, counting calories lost and wishing it would end…. Over a gin (or two!!) it hit us that as soon as you become an adult exercise and movement changed from being the highlight of your day to the thing that you dreaded all day. We wanted to make exercise fun again, for our health and sanity if no one else’s. We wanted to create a place that was for everyone, no matter if they hadn’t worked out since PE or were a top athlete. Most importantly we wanted to build a community, a space filled with positive energy so that FRAMERS would leave feeling like they could take on the world.’                             

 Pip and Joan x