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Frame has always intended to be a community where ALL feel welcome and valued, we respect and value individuality and diversity, and this has been written in our Company Values since day one. As a business, we are committed to creating positive change at Frame and across the Fitness industry.

So here are some steps we are taking to demonstrate our commitment to building a best in class diverse & inclusive community.

We have:

  • Started working with external diversity and inclusion consultants to help guide our policies and decisions, and to provide internal training with our team.
  • Held our first Anti-racism and Ally training for our Leadership team and Head Office employees
  • Launched our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, who will keep the company accountable and push the right projects and initiatives forward. They will also review and develop better diversity and inclusion policies. The Committee members have been chosen to represent diversity across as much of Frame as possible and to provide fair representation for all
  • Ensure all marketing communications are reviewed to ensure cultural relevance and sensitivity


In the future, we commit to:

  • Finalising a Diversity and Inclusion Framework, with input from our Diversity Committee, to help shape Company decision making in the future.
  • Continue Anti-racism and Ally training for ourselves as a leadership team and roll this out to all Freelance and other staff members
  • Launch a new recruitment process to work towards set KPI’s aimed to create a more diverse workforce across all areas of the business
  • Implement procedures to review all classes and instructors to make sure we have cultural relevance and sensitivity top of mind during the hiring and programming process
  • Launch the FRAME Academy scholarship programme across the courses with the aim to specifically broaden diversity within the fitness community
  • We commit to seeking out partners who can work alongside us and have the same ethos and mission are committed to listening, learning and facilitating change.
  • We are working with an incredible Diversity Committee within FRAME, Camilla Dickenson, Robin Kendall, Kandy Rohmann, Temitope Nuga, Vincent Merouze, Emily Aitcheson, Fizz Yasin, Emma Wigglesworth, Michael Seloram Greenwell and Lisa Price. Please email if you would like more information or to share feedback.



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