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Have you hit a plateau, do you have a special date in your diary or are you aware of specific weaknesses you want to improve? Our Personal Trainers are here to take you to that next level. FRAME Personalised does exactly what it says on the tin. This is training unique to YOU. Your goals, your diary, your training plan & your results. FAST.

With the tailor-made FRAME Personalised approach and your hard work, you will create the best possible version of YOU.

Our FRAME Personalised Studios follow the same ethos as our classes, providing a comfortable and non-intimidating environment free from inflated muscles and egos.

With your first session free and great options for packages there’s a plan to suit every budget.

Where can you train with our top class pt’s?

PT is available from open to close, Monday to Sunday, in our dedicated PT studio in Kings Cross.

We also offer PT across our other Frame locations in Shoreditch, Farringdon, Fitzrovia, Victoria and Angel as well as Online. Get in touch for availability.


First Session Free

If you’re new to Frame Personalised your first session is absolutely free. Your first session will identify any weaknesses or imbalances in your body. Every future session will be designed to create a strong base to develop from and achieve your goals.

Intro Package

Once you’ve had your first free session, you can either dive right in with a PT package (read on for more details) or pay as you go at £70 per session. As a first time customer you can buy a block of 3 sessions for the special intro price of £140. At just over £46 per session this works out at 30% cheaper than single session bookings.

Buddy Training

Prefer working out with a friend or partner. Why not buddy up, share the sweat and split the cost.


First Session


6 Session Package

6 Month Expiry


Intro Package

3 Sessions for the price of 2. To be used within 28 days.


10 Session Package

6 Month Expiry


Single Session


15 Session Package

6 Month Expiry


Contact us for details on Off Peak and Couples/Buddy training rates.



Debs Turner

Debs is a PT who also has over 15 years experience of working in the rat race in both London and New York. Fitness became a way of ensuring she didn’t lose her sanity while maintaining a hectic work and social life.

As a level 4 Personal Trainer, Debs approach is to help you achieve your goals using methods that are balanced and promote wellness. Tailored to the individual her sessions help strengthen, improve balance, coordination, posture and flexibility or aid recovery from injury or illness. Debs coaching style focuses on form and technique delivered in a calm, energetic and personable way.

Debs is also qualified in STOTT Mat & Reformer Pilates, Pre and Post Natal, Exercise Referral and Low Back Pain management.

My training style is… focused and progressive.

My ideal breakfast is… poached eggs with grilled mushrooms, halloumi and avocado.

If I were a colour, I’d be… rose gold.

My biggest release is… travelling.


Temi is a former sprinter, rugby player and now 2018 English Powerlifting Champion! As a trainer with a BSc in Sports Science, Temi has a deep understanding of how to train clients for maximum results. Having gained experience working at different studios in London, Temi specialises in strength and conditioning.

With a no nonsense approach, Temi creates a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way. So whether you’re aiming to lose weight, improve your 1RM or nail your form Temi can coach you to achieve your goals.

When not at work you can find Temi training for her latest lift or catching up on what’s happening in football, running, athletics, rugby, and boxing.

My training style is… strong, disciplined and fearless.

If I wasn’t a personal trainer, I’d be… a strength and conditioning coach for a football or rugby team.

After work I… spend time with family.


Melisa PT’s in our Hammersmith location and is available for general fitness, weight loss, weight training, strength and conditioning, pre-and-post natal, pilates (mat or reformer) and injuries, specialising, particularly in Corrective exercise and Pilates.

After struggling with eating disorders for many years fitness became a way to help find balance both physically and mentally. Melisa’s goal is to help her clients find this same balance to understand their bodies and to learn how to move effectively to get the most out of their workouts as well as everyday life.

My training style is… ‘progression not perfection’ Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your body be. Consistency is the key!

If I wasn’t a personal trainer I’d be… a private detective, I love solving enigmas!

My favourite place is… a peaceful beach in Nettuno, a very small town in Italy.

My weakness is… red wine.

My favourite movie is… When Harry met Sally.

Fran Finbow

Personal trainer and fitness junkie Fran found workouts in early life, trading Barbie’s for Action Men, and has been getting her sweat on ever since. Fran uses a versatile and strong set of training methods to energise movement and empower kick ass feelings.

Fran remains to be the undisputed ‘Queen of Metal’, building a feisty dose of deadlifts and kettle bells into her workouts. Fran’s classes are powerful, sweaty, high spirits, and a kick of explosive energy. She has made her love for feeling fabulous into her profession to drive others beyond their goals- helping them to explore their bodies, and push their limits.

Fran is a firm believer that physical strength leads to mental strength, and impacts every area of your wellbeing. Come take her class, she’ll have you strutting up to that squat rack like you run this world.

If I wasn’t in Fitness, I’d… run a ski chalet in the Dolomites.

My training style is… go heavy!

My biggest vice is… coffee and posh boozy chocs.


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