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Meet Melisa Lopez

By jayne

If you like your Reformer class to bring the HEAT while also bringing the good vibes, you need to check out Melisa’s class. We caught up and chatted about all things Pilates.

What was your journey to becoming a Pilates instructor?

I only came across Reformer Pilates a few years ago and I fell in love with it as it made me realise how much I was actually NOT doing at the gym and how good it was for both my body and mind. 


Best piece of advice you’ve been given

Never force your body into positions or poses that don’t feel right. There is no one size fits all when it comes to exercise so work with your own range and ability to do what feels good for YOU, not what everyone else is doing.


Your favourite thing about Pilates 

What I absolutely love about Pilates is that it is beneficial for everyone regardless of their fitness background and abilities. From the newbie to the athlete, incorporating Pilates into your routine can help you improve imbalances as well as posture, flexibility and mobility, coordination and proprioception.


Describe your teaching style in 3 words 

Dynamic (very!), engaging, empowering.


Best feedback you’ve ever received

A lady once sent me a message on Instagram to compliment me for “the best Reformer Pilates class she ever had”. It was very sweet of her and it made my day.


What’s your go-to Reformer move?

Short spine massage


What other forms of exercise are good to compliment a Reformer practice?

I think the answer would be quite the opposite. Pilates is a good compliment to any other kind of exercise.


What do you get up to when you’re not teaching Pilates?

Studying (Psychology), training, spending time with my other half


The one thing you wish people knew about Pilates…

It is addictive!


Besides from your amazing self, who are your favourite Frame Pilates teachers and why

Gary Healey, Tom Pitiris, Alex Livermore. They know how to kick your butt for good! 


Ready to experience the magic of Melisa’s classes for yourself? Find her Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings at Angel and Friday and Saturday mornings at Hammersmith. Book now