Think mini trampoline, maximum fun: this is the place where you get high on those sweet endorphins. The good parts of running without the ‘make it stop’ feels, work your heart, lungs and muscles with no strain on your joints.



20 minutes of Rebounding is the equivalent of an HOUR of running and a hell of a lot more fun! We’d take jumping up and down pretending to be on a bouncy castle over a run in the rain any day. Easy on your bones and joints too, Rebounding even has the approval from the guys at NASA who prescribe Rebounding to those just returned from outer space.


Rebounding is not just about putting those legs to the test but getting those hands in the air and engaging your core strength. This is hardcore cardio, working all your major muscle groups. Not just a great cardiovascular workout, Rebounding also has a profound effect on your lymphatic system eg. the bit that builds up cellulite – the jumping motion creates a pump like-effect which gets the lymphatic drainage going, helping to rid the butt and thighs of cellulite…WINNING!


We can guarantee that 30 or 45 minutes of jumping up and down to feel good tunes will leave you feeling pumped and any pent-up stress will quickly vanish into thin air. Expect ridiculously fun vibes, it will be impossible not to keep that spring in your step for the rest of the day.

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