Keeping fit whilst pregnant and after birth has multiple benefits for both mum-to-be and baby. Check out the MUMHOOD section of the website for full class details.

Our pre-natal deal gives you the flexibility to choose classes that are specifically designed for you, so that you can work out without worrying if the exercises are safe or not.

The MumHood Deal gives you 6 pre or post-natal classes to be used in a month for just £60. Get ready to get the glow!

Choose from the following selection:

MumHood Pre-Natal Yoga – A calming sequence with controlled stretches specifically targeted at the pregnant body. The perfect way to take some much needed time out from your busy day, to breathe, relax and to tune in to your baby, helping to promote a restful sleep come night time. Find out more!

MumHood Pre-Natal Fitness – If you’re used to working out this class will still give you that release and time to yourself that you’ll be craving, combining the best of Pilates, Yoga and Fitness for a well-rounded workout. Find out more!

MumHood Pre-Natal Reformer Pilates – Pilates in a controlled environment is fantastic to keep your muscle tone and to strengthen the legs, glutes shoulders and back to limit aches and pains through pregnancy. Find out more!

MumHood Post-Natal Yoga (Phase 1) – A calming class for new mum’s to release tension in the body, lengthen & stretch limbs through a specifically designed combination of yin and vinyasa style sequences. Let your baby sleep in their buggy or bring them onto the mat with you. Find out more!

MumHood Core Rehab (Phase 1) – A postnatal rehab class, perfect for those just getting back into exercise post-birth. A great way to safely re-build your abdominal wall, focusing on re-connecting the deeper core layers in a safe and comfortable environment. Taken on the mat this class is taken barefoot. Find out more!

MumHood Post-Natal Fitness (Phase 2) – Perfect for those new mums wanting to get back into exercise without having to fork out for a babysitter. A mash up of Frame fitness sequences, including cardio and conditioning exercises, with a specific emphasis on those new mum issues such as deep core strength, regaining strength in the glutes and opening up the chest. Find out more!

MumHood Fit Mums (Phase 3) – For 6 month post-natal onwards. Once you’ve nailed Phase 2 Post-Natal Fitness, Fit Mums is a step up into high intensity exercise while remaining low impact. If you’re on your journey back to full fitness and ready for a challenge this is the class for you. Your babies get to come too. Find out more!

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*Deal is non-refundable

*Deal is valid at the studio of purchase.

*The MumHood Deal gives you 6 pre or post-natal classes to be used in a month for just £60.

*Deal expires 31 days after purchase

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