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By Kajsa

The sun is shining, the birds are singing… it’s time to take your workout outside. Here’s why

Okay, so the tubes may be unbearably hot and sweaty but sipping a chilled white wine in the park while catching some rays makes it all worthwhile. Before we know it the sunshine will be gone, so join us to make the most of it while we can with some alfresco workouts.

We’re here to help kick-start the habit, join us for our Breakfast Barre or Yoga on the steps of Regents Canal in Kings Cross. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are six reasons why you need to be exercising outside …

1. It Will Put You In A Fabulous Mood
It is well researched and well known that spending time outside reduces stress. Fresh air helps to release ‘feel-good’ serotonin in the brain, and combined with the natural endorphin high from the exercise, you will be positively flying.

2. You Will Not Get Bored
People-watching, bird-watching, sight-seeing… whatever your interest, a well thought out, well-timed and well located outdoor workout will keep your attention elsewhere while you put you stretch, squat, jump and bend.

3. Your Body Will Work Harder
Exercising on uneven ground, up hills and even downhills require your muscles to work harder than in a studio or on a treadmill. Wind resistance can also help you use more energy.

4. You Will Work Muscles You Never Knew You Had
By creatively using the outdoors as your impromptu gym – like railings, benches, steps, and trees – you will find yourself working different muscles to your usual exercise routine.

5. You Can Kill Two Birds With One Stone (… so to speak)
Make your daily commute a workout by switching tube train for a push bike (you might even find it’s quicker!) Or turn your evening dog walk into a dog run… simple.

6. You Can Justify Extravagant Active Wear Purchases
It is fair to say that your awesome new leggings and workout combo can be admired by significantly more people on the step of Regents Canal.



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