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3 ways to smash Monday

By Chloe Kiln

1. Plan those classes

Channel your inner Monica and get organised! You don’t need us to tell you that booking classes ahead of time is a good idea, not only because it makes you more likely to turn up, but also because taking 15 mins out to properly look at your calendar allows you to be more thoughtful about how you’ll want to move, when. Be kind to yourself. After work drinks on Weds? A Thursday morning class is probably off the cards… Friday night in?! Helloooo Saturday morning sweat sesh!!

Message a pal and get some booked in together for ultimate commitment/fun vibes.


You can’t put a price on the feeling that having a full fridge at the beginning of the week gives you. Life = smashed. It really does wonders for your time & bank balance later on in the week, keeping you away from those all too familiar delivery apps. Pop down to your local corner shop at lunchtime to get some basics in, or better still, get an online shop delivered on a Monday.

For the time poor, seeing other people’s meal prep can be heebie-jeebie inducing. Why not start by having one meal a day covered? Baby steps. Bircher muesli (overnight oats) is a quick, cheap & nutritious brekkie to have in your locker, taking all of 2 minutes to prep the night before. Here’s a fab recipe from Gut Health expert Eve Kalinik to try.

3. Chill & reset 

Even though you’ve just had a couple days off, there’s usually not much time to chill on the weekends. It’s important to get some down time before starting another hectic week. We recommend always keeping your Monday eves free for this.

Take some time for yourself and do whatever self care keeps you in check. Our faves include: a good podcast, herbal teas, face masks, yoga, candles, choccy & Married at First sight (obvs)

For the ultimate reset, end your day with a Candlelit Yin Yoga class with Micki at 7:30pm on Live Stream. It’s a calming class where you’ll hold seated postures for long periods of time to increase flexibility and gently stretch. Light your favourite candles and use pillows and blankets for maximum cosy vibes! Book now.