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3rd Eye Activation and Kundalini

By jayne

Access your ability to know!

On Sunday 13th March Jayne Ellis will host a special workshop to activate the 3rd
Eye, – also known as the Ajna Chakra or 6th Chakra – this is the seat of our intuition
and where we access our very own inner guidance system and our ability to know
without doubt what is truly right for us.

At this workshop Jayne will share the power of Kundalini yoga, breath-work and
sound to develop the 6th Chakra and activate our 3rd Eye so that we can rise above
mental chatter and self doubt and access our intuition. Our intuition acts as our very
own inner GPS, confidently guiding us through every decision, question and choice
in life. Imagine that you had the answer to every question you ever had or have
about you and your life! When the 6th Chakra is developed and 3rd Eye activated,
we access an intelligence way beyond the mind and way beyond the logical realm – a
higher and greater wisdom becomes available to us.

At the end of this transformational session, you will be treated to a crystal sound bath
and enveloped by the divine vibrations of the Alchemy crystal bowls. The vibrations of
the crystal bowls drop us into a deeply relaxed state during which our bodies are
more open to healing and we are able to receive creative downloads and intuitive
messaging to guide us forward on our journey.

Investment? £50 for a 2 hour transformational experience

4.30pm – 6.30pm, Sunday 13th of March at Frame Shoreditch