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By Kajsa

It’s the low-impact, super-tough workout that’s oh-so-now…

It’s the low-impact, full-body toning workout that’s oh-so-now… But Barre’s roots are firmly rooted in the centuries-old practice of ballet and 100% guaranteed to give you results. Piqued your interest? We picked the brains of Frame’s master trainer Gede Foster, who comes up with our Barre routines and seasonal updates to get the scoop on what exactly makes this the all-rounder workout everyone should try…

Why is it important to incorporate low impact workouts (for the HIIT junkies among us)?
It works, for one! But Barre also puts less stress on tendons, ligaments and joints and actually helps stabilise and strengthen through the emphasis of technique of the class. It works muscular endurance and the focus on the pulses means there’s no burn quite like “Barre burn”…!

Mentally, a lot of people in the city have high-stress jobs that keep them in that “fight or flight” mode of the sympathetic nervous system. Workouts like Barre, yoga, and pilates help a person de-stress, promote rest and bring them in their parasympathetic nervous system.

So, give us the verdict… Is it truly as hard as HIIT? Be honest…
In high-intensity classes where the emphasis tends to be on speed, sometimes the technique gets compromised as a person reaches muscle fatigue. Barre has such a strong emphasis on technique and slower muscle twitch fibers that performing an exercise slower and incorrect alignment can often prove more challenging.

Does Barre solely focus on getting leggy or will I see changes in other parts of my body?
Frame Barre is a full-body workout, there is no muscle left untouched! However, there is always a strong emphasis on the butt as well as core stability and strength. It is going to dramatically improve posture, leaving you standing taller with a sense of length and grace. It is great for improving flexibility and mobility too.

Can pregnant ladies get in on the Barre burn, too?
Our teachers at Frame are all trained to a high standard so there are always modifications and advancements for all levels. And this includes the pregnant ladies! Barre is the perfect low impact workout for those who are expecting but want to keep up a good standard of fitness.

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