By Jayne Robinson

And not one has anything to do with how cute your butt looks in your jeans (which always looks cute to us btw).

There are literally hundreds of reasons to exercise regularly. But sometimes when you’ve lost motivation (happens to the best of us!) we need to dig a little deeper into the ‘why’. Here’s a little insight into the good stuff that happens when we move our Frame.


Getting your blood pumping for 30 minutes or more releases those sweet endorphins in the brain, giving you a natural high, a boost of energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing. They also reduce our perception of pain, acting similarly to codeine or morphine… With a daily dose of endorphins, we feel fewer negative effects of stress and pain. We talk about the power of sweet endorphins all the time, now you know why!


There’s nothing quite like tossing and turning for hours, agitated, staring at the ceiling while trying to count sheep and desperately willing yourself to nod off. The good news is that regular exercise can massively improve the quality of your sleep and exercises are less likely to develop sleep disorders. Being active increases the quality and duration of sleep because it reduces stress and tires you out. Bonus points for getting outdoors and letting your body absorb natural sunlight.


It’s actually pretty amazing how immediately you can feel the positive effects of exercise. How many times have you been feeling pretty crappy about life and your inner shitty committee is in full swing only to drag yourself to a class or out for a walk and before you know it you start feelin’ yourself again, your Sahsa Fierce is unleashed and you have a much more positive outlook on life. Yep, exercise, it’s kinda magic like that.


Foggy brain, be gone. Have you ever had a deadline or a big presentation and you just can’t focus? Well, your favourite class or workout could be the answer. Dr John Ratley, the author of “Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and The Brain” states that exercise improves your brain in the short term by raising your focus for two or three hours afterwards. Another reason to ‘reclaim your lunch break’ and prioritise that morning workout so you can smash your 9am meeting.

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