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4 Steps to help you spring clean your fitness routine

By jayne

4 Steps to help you spring clean your fitness routine

Hello Framers! As we move into March and finally out of winter hibernation, there truly is no better time to spring clean your exercise regime. For everything a season, and while winter calls for a slower pace, hopefully this month you’ll have more of a Spring in your step and you can put it to good use by trying more high energy and sweat classes. Stuck for ideas on how to do it? Never fear, as always Frame is here to help set you up for success for the months ahead and get you synced up with the season with a few nifty tips and tricks that’ll get you all fired up. I told you, we got you, babes!

1 Work Out With The Season

The one MAJOR plus about Spring, apart from the milder weather *fingers crossed*, is the longer days and the welcome return of bright, light-filled mornings. We don’t know about you, but we’re excited – actual sunshine before 8am? Sign. Us. Up.

With that, there’s no better time to get your body moving and shaking to dust off the winter’s cobwebs than getting your sweat on in the morning. We’ve a plethora of classes like Box Train, Boxfit, Rebounding and Total Body to help you up those feel good endorphins.

2 Re-evaluate What You Want

It’s time to go back to the drawing board and take a good, hard look at what you want from your exercise routine – perhaps you want to inject more fun into your fitness with a Dance Cardio class or maybe, you’re aiming to up the ante sweat-wise with a Box Fit session. Either way jot your exercise goals down on paper or in your notes app, then figure out your Frame class schedule from there.

Remember Frame makes it super easy to work out to your mood whether that’s in-person, via live-stream or our On-Demand platform. To try it out for yourself, simply click on the ‘moods’ tab when booking your class – and we’ll suggest one to aid whatever headspace you’re in.

3 Ease Yourself In

After re-evaluating your fitness intentions, perhaps you’ve realised you can only commit to one weekly studio class, and found that On-Demand sessions suit your schedule better. Now it’s time to get started on the next step.

Here at Frame, we always say it’s best to start slow, ease yourself back into the swing of things rather than diving in head first into a brand spanking new fitness routine, which let’s be honest is an unrealistic goal.

Whether it’s Yin Yoga online or Dynamic Mat Pilates at our Feelgood Factory in King’s Cross, find something in the words of Marie Kondo that ‘sparks joy’ and gets you excited to get moving.

4 Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Something you can always count on at Frame is a community of like-minded endorphin hunters, looking for a good time while getting their sweat on. No matter where you are on the fitness level scale, when you walk through our studio doors you’ll always be greeted with a warm welcome, enthusiasm and unwavering support.

We’re flexing those values even more this season at Frame’s Feelgood Factory in Kings Cross – a place to move, play, heal and tap into some incredible health and wellness alongside members of our community. Not only are classic yoga classes on the timetable but also some uber innovative workshops. This month we celebrated The Divinie Feminine Energy with these gorgeous workshops – Cacao Ceremonies, Moon Circles, Gong Ceremonies, and a Reframing Femininity Retreat with NEOM. They are now sold out but you can join the waitlist and hope for a last minute drop out! Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming workshops and events here.

You see fitness at Frame goes beyond the norm and aims to exercise your mind, body and soul this Spring.