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5 reasons you need Jumpboard Pilates

By Cesca

5 reasons why you need to get down to Jumpboard Pilates, the new FRAME Reformer class everyone is talking about… 

Lay down and get sweaty

Not in THAT way… Jumpboard Reformer is a full body workout, guaranteed to get you sweaty and give you a huge endorphin high! Think intervals of jumping (horizontally) with classic Pilates exercises and you get the picture.

Improve your performance

Jumpboard Pilates is AMAZE-ing at improving your core strength and stability which will greatly enhance your performance at other sports, so perfect if you are running a marathon (or just running for the bus).

Gentle on the joints cardio

This class has reps of high-intensity interval jumping yet is low impact (thank you gravity). This means it’s gentle on your joints and still raises your heart rate!

Burn baby BURN

If you are looking at improving your muscle strength and tone then look no further. Jumping on heavy springs will give you serious muscle fatigue in the lower body (ie. that great burny feeling). The lighter springs will seriously fire up your deep stabiliser muscles that will stabilise your spine, pelvis and core (why hello abs of steel).

Happy Feet

Let’s not forget about the tootsies! This class is great for improving foot health as it works on mobility, stability and effective shock absorption – which helps minimise the risk of any future injuries.


Jump up, jump up and get down to Jumpboard Pilates – available in all studios now!