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5 Simple tips to help you catch some ZZZs


With travelling, hosting, last-minute shopping and socialising (when we can) – Xmas can play havoc on our sleep routine. And we don’t know about you but we’d like to go into 2022 with a few more ZZZs in the bag and a little less baggage under our eyes.

We caught up with Winder, Head Nutritionist at Anatome who has some expert advice on what we can do over the holidays to maximise the downtime and give our body and mind a much-needed reboot.

Winders 5 simple tips to help you catch up on some ZZZs

1. Keep yourself hydrated. Indulging in food and drink is very common at Xmas. Making sure you stay hydrated will help your body to metabolize toxins and will also support your brain with sleep. Aim to drink a glass of water after every glass of alcohol. One water one wine fun.

2. Keep your exercise routine in check. Exercising will help your body to regulate your circadian rhythm, promoting better sleep. So get out for your daily walk or get the family involved in an online class.

3. Take a soak in the bath. Add some Rest + Relax Bath Salts to your Santa list. Bathing can improve sleep, tiredness and ease anxious thoughts. Also is great for skin renewal.

4. Bedtime oils. Essential oils are a fantastic way to relax and unwind before bedtime, I recommend Anatome’s Recovery+Sleep Somali Frankincense. It will help you breathe better, making you feel calmer and ready to drift off to sleep. Apply a few drops of the oils on sensory points including behind your neck, chest, wrist and sole of the feet. These areas are rich in innervation linked to the brain.

5. Pre-bed routine. Writing, meditating, breathing exercises are great ways to get yourself in the right mood for a great night of sleep. Being consistent with this routine is key. So choose something simple that you can stick to.

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