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5 things you need to know about the new Lift update

By Chloe Kiln

A new Lift update has officially landed, with a range of new moves to spice up your strength training. We asked our Head of Fitness Diana Van Heerden to tell us what’s new so you know what to expect next time you’re facing the barbell. 

1. Deadlifts:

This update focuses on Romanian Deadlifts. This style of deadlift helps put more emphasis on hamstrings and will help take pressure off your lower back. Making this a super sustainable way to build strength without risking injury.

2. Squats:

A 5 minute squat track guaranteed to give you a butt strong enough to crack nuts with. Expect slow tempos, bottom hold squats, slow bottom halves, topping it up with an offset squat to finish.

3. Lunges:

Keeping it dynamic with continuous movement between forward lunges, reverse lunges and curtsey lunges. This track will keep your heart rate up and challenge your coordination which means your core will secretly get to work too. Win-win.

4. Complex:

Taking the ‘Bent Over Rows’ and ‘Clean and Presses’ from the last update we’re now spicing it up! Expect fast, dynamic, fierce execution of the above two movements that will definitely challenge you and leave you feeling like a hero when you finish the track.

5. Biceps:

We are taking it “easy” on our biceps track in this update after those hardcore squat and complex tracks. We are working with plates in this update which will allow us to execute hammer curls (palms facing in towards your body). We are saying hello to rotator cuff rotations which is important to prevent injury.

The new LIFT update is live across all our studios from Monday 27th June. BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!