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6 tips to get motivated in 2022

By Jayne Robinson

There’s no doubt about it. Moving on a daily basis is the key to happy, healthy minds and bodies. We all know this, but it can be hard to get motivated and stay consistent. Here are 7 tried and tested (realistic) tips that will set you up for success in 2022.


Figure out your personal ‘why’. We all want to feel good, but how and why we get there depends on our own goals and motivation. You might want to offset the stress of an intense job, have more energy, improve a health issue or simply get out of the house more. Nail this down and have it clear in your mind so when you’re feeling like skipping that class, walk or swim you’ll be able to motivate yourself by remembering why it’s worth pulling on your trainers and getting out there. 


Find something you’ll actually enjoy. This is the key to success. There’s nothing that will make you fail faster than signing up to a workout that you feel like you should do but if you’re honest with yourself you hate the sound of. There are so many joyful ways to move your body so choose something that you like the sound of and you’ll be less likely to hide under the duvet when your alarm goes off.


Commit upfront. Whether this means signing up a monthly membership, joining a club that meets weekly or buying a package that has an expiry date – you’ll be so much more likely to create a routine and stick to it. Let money and fellow members keep you on track!


Get your mates involved. Turn your friends and family into accountability buddies. Whether that means you go for weekly walks together, sign up for a challenge or have a weekly virtual fit date with Frame Online you will have the incentive of hanging out with your mate and getting your endorphin fix at the same time. Win, win.


Habit stack. Get in the mindset of daily movement rather than all or nothing. NEAT exercise (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is energy expanded from daily movement. Think of those 10k steps, how can you make sure you get them in. Taking the stairs over the lift, getting off the tube a few stops earlier (fresh air and steps woo!), the fake commute if you’re WFH – take a long way home after getting a coffee. This overtime has a massive positive impact on our health. Small easy steps in the right direction.


Get your sh*t together Sunday’s. Planning your activities for the week ahead on a Sunday will help you to prioritise your exercise and put them into your calendar like you would an important meeting. You are much more likely to stick to your routine and it becomes a habit that creates consistency.