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A Framer’s Membership Experience

By jayne

A Framer's Membership Experience

The new year is seen as a time to set new goals for the 12 months ahead – and usually fitness is a high priority on that list. After a jam-packed festive season, it’s always difficult to figure out how to get back into the swing of things but as always, Frame is here to help. This January we’re offering an incredible 20% off our Membership plans but instead of giving you a sales pitch, we’re going to let long-time Framer Lisa McLoughlin do the talking and share her members’ experience.

I first started dipping my toe in the Frame pool back in 2018 when on a whim I booked a Music Video Class with Lily McGregor. I didn’t know what to expect and was totally second guessing myself when I arrived, but I needn’t have worried because I had the time of my life. Sure, I’d done a HIIT class at my local gym to some absolute bangers, but Lily’s class was like no other – empowering, a stress reliever, endorphin-producer and most importantly, fun.

Safe to say from that moment I was hooked and immediately explored Frame’s offerings and after several months of drop-in classes, I finally took the plunge in 2019 to become a Gold Member – and I’ve been drinking the Frame Kool-Aid ever since.

A major plus to being a Gold Member is the wide range of classes you can avail of, from Box Fit to Yin Yoga and Reformer Pilates. There really is a class for every mood – especially on those ‘can’t be arsed’ days, and after two years of lockdowns, the feeling of a collective workout is like no other even when you’re personally butchering Pussycat Dolls choreography of a Saturday morning.

As someone who still works from home, Frame helps bring structure to my day. It gives me a reason to get away from my desk and allows me to welcome movement into my daily routine. With classes from morning to night, it means no matter the time of day, I can work out, whether that’s a quick lunchtime Reformer class before a big meeting or an incredibly sweaty Dance Cardio session with Chris to rid my body of my working day stresses.

Since getting back in the studio last February, I’ve become an avid Framer signing up to four to five classes a week, which for some might sound excessive. But there are so many different classes and intensity levels to choose from that you don’t have to go full out every time you visit. I’ve found that having a membership keeps me to a consistent exercise routine and now a year on, I see the progress in myself, both physically and mentally. Like I’m finally able to put my 10kg case in the overhead bin on a plane all thanks to Frame Lift.

Being such an avid Framer means that the cost-per-class means I’m working out for an absolute steal. Going around 16 to 20 times a month means my classes are working out between £9-£11.25 a go. You just wouldn’t get that kind of variety or expertise for that price anywhere else. Not only that, but Frame is always looking out for your pocket by working with great brands on their Friends with Benefit perks. When you become a member, you can save big with Bloom & Wild, Mindful Chef, Neom Organics, and of course, Bumble & Bumble – if you use the showers then you know.

One thing I’ve really loved experiencing over the past year is the workshops Frame have hosted, from Manifesting to New Moon Lunar Circles to Sound Baths and even, How To Have a Better Period. A real perk of being a Gold Member means you can sign up for these wellbeing one-offs completely free and explore a whole different side of your mental fitness.

And while I could go on all day about the benefits, what I most enjoy about being a member is the people, especially those on reception and Frame’s dedicated instructors. Being a part of the Frame community has been transformative for me especially over the past 12 months. This time last year, I had just recovered from several surgeries and was starting my fitness journey from scratch again. Going back to the gym was daunting and I questioned whether I was ever going to get back to where I was before. But what kept me motivated in part was knowing the warm welcome and support I would get when I walked through Frame’s door – and that support continues today.

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