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All you need to know about Barre 30

By Cesca

We spoke to Eian, our Barre Creative Lead & Instructor Trainer about the new Barre 30 update starting in studios and on Livestream next Monday. 


What can you expect from this new Barre update?

I have titled the new update ‘Anti-Lockdown’ & it has been designed to help improve posture and target all the muscles in the back of your body to combat desk life/lockdown life.

I haven’t exercised since pre-pandem, will this class be ok for me?

This class and sequence of exercise are perfect for returning back to fitness as it is low impact and low resistance. Frame Barre classes are suitable for a mix of abilities, modifications are always given by our incredible instructors. It is always a good idea to tell the instructor this is your first class back for a while so they can give more support if needed. 

What kind of soundtrack can I expect?

The playlist is always a real eclectic mix so there is bound to be a song that takes you back to a great time in your life!

What’s the one bit of advice you would give someone who hasn’t tried a Barre class before?

My advice would be, try it once and see how you get on. Try and keep moving for as long as you can but secret mini breaks are recommended if it’s your very first time 😉

What equipment do you use in this update?

We have been limiting equipment recently but I am thrilled to say we have brought back all the probs back in this update! YAY! Ankle weights for the leg raises, pilates ball in the core section, resistance bands for the glute work and dumbbells to add the extra burn for the upper body!

Will this update be available online?

This class will be available on livestream and will be the identical version to in studio so there are lots of options to hit the burn and more chances to master the sequence. 

Does this Barre update compliment any other FRAME classes? 

I am a big believer in mixing up your workouts to add variety and new challenges. Barre will always help create a strong foundation to help assist all your other strength/cardio classes at Frame. We only have one body so we gotta give it some love! If you can, add one Frame Barre class into your weekly workout schedule and see the difference to your performance. 

Fancy trying it for yourself? The new Barre update starts in all studios and on Livestream from Monday. Book your spot now!