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Diary of a Reformer Addict

By Jess Cartner-Morley

Monday, 6.30am


Here’s the crazy thing about Reformer Pilates. It is cold and early when my alarm goes off, but I don’t have to fight off the urge to hide under the duvet. Reformer is a strong start to the day, but it doesn’t feel hectic if you know what I mean. I can’t face star jumps on a Monday morning, but I can kid myself pilates won’t be hard work. Lol. The reception staff are so friendly and sunny both at Angel, which is the studio nearest my house and at Kings Cross which is right by my office. And the music at Frame always puts a smile on my face.


Monday, 8.40am


Ouch. Here’s the other crazy thing about Reformer Pilates. Because some of it takes place horizontally it has this chill, zen kind of an aura to start off with, but after class my legs are shaking and my abs are burning. This is what makes Reformer Pilates at Frame so addictive: it is fluid and calm but it’s also super intense and it really works to sculpt your muscles.


Wednesday, 12 noon


Today’s an office day rather than a wfh day. I’m still adjusting to being back in the office rather than at home in my slippers, and by the end of the morning, I can feel my social battery running down. A 45 minute class in the middle of the day is a perfect way of recharging myself. I feel re-energised for the afternoon. On days like this I try to plan ahead to make the changing easy – so for example, if I’m going to a class in the day, I wear stud earrings instead of chunky jewellery, so I don’t have to take too many things off and on. And not needing trainers makes pilates kit super easy to fit into my bag.


Sunday, 10 am


Reformer Pilates is the only class I never get bored of because it’s different every single time. The equipment is so versatile that the exercises you can do with the straps and the squishy ball, with a long box or a short box, are endless and all the Frame instructors personalise their classes. I take classes with Robin, Melisa, Gary, Chris, Poppy, Lily and Ben and each one is a different workout. There are endless instructions to follow – springs to change, straps to wriggle out of, foot positions to pivot – but it is all simple stuff and doesn’t require any coordination and having to follow the instructions is a brilliant distraction that makes the time go super quickly. Livestream was a lifesaver when studios were closed during lockdown, but for me, an IRL class is still best. I am borderline addicted….and it’s a habit I never want to break.


When Jess is not feeding her Reformer addiction at Frame, you can find her doing great things as Associate Editor (Fashion) at The Guardian. Feeling inspired? Book a class HERE.