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How our team are ‘getting their shit together’ this September

By jayne

How are team are getting their shit together 🙌

We chatted to 3 of our team on how they are getting their shit together this September. Expect inspiration, top tips for staying on track and favourite class recommendations.

Jayne, Head of Content and Community

How are you planning to Get your shit together (exercise wise) this September?

This September my movement goal is to do Pilates everyday. While this might sound extreme, hear me out. I suffer with anxiety from time to time, and in those times, consistent daily movement really helps to ground and anchor me. Pilates is a nurturing and strengthening exercise for my body and nervous system. I’ll be doing Reformer with my faves, Tom Pitiris, Robin Kendall and Amanda Martin when I can make it to the studio. On my non studio days I’ll be using Mat Pilates classes using Frame on-demand. I love how efficient it is to roll out my mat at home between meetings or whenever I can squeeze in 30 minutes. My on-demand go-to instructors are Zoe Harris, Yasmin Jones Sheahan, Lucia Farina and Emily Aitcheson. I’ll also be on Holiday for the last week of September and will be doing my on-demand Pilates on a towel using my phone. So handy!!

What's your top tip for staying on track with your exercise routine?

For me, planning out my classes on a Sunday really keeps me on track. I put them in my google calendar and block out the time. For me they are as important as any meeting, moving my body and taking time for myself helps me show up in life as my best self! 

On the days that things don’t go to plan – it happens, I will try squeezing in a walk or a super short online class. And when all goes tits up and I don’t manage to do any exercise, I let it go and get back on track the next day.

I know we shouldn't have favourites, but what's your favourite Frame class and why?

Over my 7 years working at Frame this has changed quite a bit. But that’s the beauty of Frame, you can literally choose a class for every mood and life stage. My favourites at the moment and at this stage of my life are Reformer Pilates for all the reasons I mentioned above and Rebounding as it’s a total VIBE and works wonders for lymphatic drainage which helps me manage my inflammation. Also jumping around on a trampoline to a banging playlist is my favourite kind of cardio and the ENDORPHINS. Oh my, I feel like I can take on the world afterwards. 

Joan, Co Founder

How are you planning to Get your shit together (exercise wise) this September?

Coming from NZ I never understood the ‘new start’ in September in the UK but I really get it and use it to get back on track with healthy habits or to set a goal to take me to Christmas. Exercise for well-being and living your best life comes from consistency. So I see September as finding my baseline and setting non negotiables for moving. This changes every year depending on what else I have going on in my life and what goals I have. So I set up the achievable baseline, create the habits in September so they are already in place before the weather changes and there is less decision making when I’m tired or have less energy. 

This September I’m committing to 2 Frame classes per week, 2 outdoor runs as my minimum. This means on busy or low energy weeks I can still achieve this. Anything on top is a bonus.

What's your top tips for staying on track with your exercise routine?

1 Block out the time well in advance and schedule around the times. For me blocking out the times, 2 mornings, 1 lunch or evening, 1 weekend works really well. Making it regular and consistent creates a habit.

2 Make a fit date with a friend. An accountability buddy always helps. I enjoy working out and socialising in one but that’s not for everyone. I get it. 

3 Choose a manageable goal. Like improve one thing i.e. stick to yoga or dancing do it consistently 3 times a week. So you can see progress. Or if you’re like me I do a broad mix as I enjoy the variety. Just make sure you PLAN in advance so life doesn’t take over.

I know we shouldn't have favourites, but what's your favourite Frame class and why?

When I’m using Frame Online – Barre and The Running and Mobility series are my go-to. In the studio I go for my endorphin fix from Rebounding and Reformer Pilates makes me feel great.

Chloe, Marketing Manager

How are you planning to Get your shit together this September?

My shit’s been all over the place over summer so for me September is all about going in with a BANG. I’m going on holiday twice (eeeek) which makes consistency difficult, but I want to try and hit it hard on the weeks I’m in London.

I never usually set a goal of how many classes I want to do as I like to listen to my body, how it feels like moving and not be disappointed if I don’t hit them. But, to get myself feeling STRONG & FAB for hols I’m setting myself a goal of 6 times a week for the two weeks that I’m in London. 3 sweaty classes (thinking rebounding, dance cardio or HIIT), 1 strength (kettlebells or lift) and 2 pilates.

What's your top tip for staying on track with your exercise routine?

Get to know yourself. Are you a morning, lunch or evening exerciser? Are there certain classes that you prefer to do on the weekends vs weekdays? Gone are the days of dragging ourselves to classes we dread and don’t enjoy. After years of experimenting, I realise I have the most energy in the morning or lunchtimes, so try and avoid evening classes (unless it’s Reformer Pilates which works for me after work as it feels amazing to stretch after being at my desk all day). 

Another top tip for me is getting into the office as much as I can. Luckily for us our office is right by our Shoreditch studio, which means office days are guaranteed class days. 

One more tip (sorry), I love an exercise buddy so booking a class with a colleague will always motivate me, morning classes have been a struggle recently with the summer festivities so if I book a 7:45am with a friend I know I have to go as can’t let them down.

I know we shouldn't have favourites, but what's your favourite Frame class and why?

Eurggggh don’t do this to me. It’s such a toughie as it really depends on my mood. I’m going to be cheeky and choose 2. Rebounding is amazing for when I need a serious mood boost, no matter how sluggish, hungover, tired or down in the dumps I’m feeling I can always make a rebounding class – and come out feeling 10times better. It doesn’t feel like exercise and the playlist’s are always banging. 

My other is Strength, it’s slower pace and really focuses on improving, you guessed it, strength. I love seeing tangible improvements, lifting heavier weights or a move you’ve done before becoming more familiar. Also, because the classes are smaller, your instructor almost feels like your PT, correcting your form or suggesting weights if you’re not sure.