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Frame the day with Ainy

By Cesca

We caught up with this week’s featured Framer Ainy to see how she FRAMES her day.


Tell us a little bit about why moving your FRAME is important to you…

I was never a fitness fanatic but now I go 5 days a week, that’s because of FRAME. I work for myself and I find that coming to class really helps me break up my day. The staff are all really friendly and it’s great to have that social interaction if I have been stuck behind a laptop all morning.


Why does FRAME work for you? 

I love the variety of classes and teachers. Every teacher has their own style too – it helps keep things fresh, it’s nice to have different styles for different days.


How do you fit FRAME into your day?

I’m all about the studio.


What is the one class you cannot get enough of, and why?

Reformer Pilates. I’m addicted. I find Pilates has improved my form in other classes (such as strength training) too.


If you have had a bad day what’s the one class which is always going to pick you up?

Pilates, I just love it.


Do you have a class you didn’t think you would love and now adore?

Kettlebells. I used to dread PT but I grew to be obsessed with it. I find the music some FRAME instructors use helps me through a class.


What class originally drew you to FRAME and why?

I used to live above it. I was on Class Pass and I thought – why not! 


What’s the one bit of advice would you give to pre FRAME you?

I wish I would’ve started earlier. I was always daunted by bad experiences at other gyms, you know the ones where everyone looks like Instagram models – it just put me off going. Frame isn’t like that, it’s really inclusive for all.


3 words to explain what FRAME means to you

Routine. Support. Happiness. 


When you are not FRAMING what are you up to?

I have my own clothing brand making unisex knitwear. 


Tell us a day about when FRAME saved the day.

Robin’s Reformer Pilates class in Kings Cross has really helped me release some creative blocks in the past. I don’t know how she does it but her class brings out the best ideas in me, it’s great for when I am having a sluggish day or need to step away from work for an hour.


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