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Frame the day with Hannah

By Cesca

Meet Hannah, this week’s featured FRAMER. We caught up with her to find out how she FRAMES the day, from the Yin Yoga which helps her put out the fire in her brain to her go-to hangover healing classes.


Hello Hannah! Tell us a little bit about why moving your FRAME is important to you…

I used to avoid exercise, FRAME changed that. It’s about what my body can do and how I feel when I do it. I now plan my week around my classes. 


Has FRAME ever helped you through a difficult time? 

FRAME is my tonic. If I’ve ever had a really stressful day at work, being able to book a class and switch off for 45 minutes really helps. Overall FRAME has massively improved my relationship with exercise and has made me feel happier in multiple aspects of my life which I had previously struggled with.


Why does FRAME work for you? 

The classes are just so fun – there is normally something new to try and the teachers are so great they never make you feel scared if you are a newbie, they really are great at putting your mind at ease and supporting you at any part of the journey you are on. It doesn’t mind if you are a fitness fanatic or if it is your first time – you will always come away feeling great! Everyone is there to have a good time – the vibe is great.


How do you fit FRAME into your day?

It’s all about the studios for me. I love to book a post-work class to end my day (especially if I have been stuck at my kitchen desk all day). If it’s the weekend I love to grab a coffee and make a day of it too. The thing is, it’s hard to prioritise fitness if you don’t enjoy it, FRAME has helped change that for me and I now make moving an integral part of my week.


What is the one class you cannot get enough of and why?

Every Sunday with Issac, unless I’ve been struck down with the worst illness I WILL BE THERE. I cannot miss it. He just brings such great energy to his class. You see the same people there every week which is nice. You just leave this class feeling amazing (even if you may have had a late Saturday night).


If you have had a bad day what’s the one class which is always going to pick you up?

Yin Yoga helps when my brain feels like it’s on fire. 75 minutes to switch off and not think about anything else – you just come out of this class feeling like you’ve been put back together.


Do you have a class you didn’t think you would love and now adore?

FRAME Strength – I was so nervous as it’s not something I would’ve normally tried. Fran Collins is great though, she makes it so accessible and has taught me so much. If I leave a class feeling defeated I probably won’t go back, completing this class felt like an achievement and it’s now one of my go-to’s.


What class originally drew you to FRAME and why?

A friend took me along to Music Video, I was so impressed with the instructors and the environment. It was such a change from the bad experiences I had at gyms previously. 


What’s the one bit of advice would you give to pre FRAME you?

Prioritize your wellbeing, it’s worth spending the extra money on classes you enjoy. Spend less money on short time dopamine hits such as clothes /nights out and focus on the long term journey. It will be worth it.


3 words to explain what FRAME means to you

Guaranteed. Day. Improver.


When you are not FRAMING what are you up to?

When I am not exploring London or with friends you can find me on the Instagram explore page browsing for interior inspo.


Tell us a day about when FRAME saved the day.

A few weeks ago I was feeling really burnt out. So I decided to spend my Sunday at FRAME. I started the day with Dance Cardio with Issac followed by a Dynamic Flow with Jodi, in fact I realised when I was at the studio Jodi also does her Yin class on Sunday afternoon too so I ended up booking into that class as well! The day just completely realigned me after this frantic week.