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Frame the day with Sonia

By Cesca

Meet Sonia, this week’s featured FRAMER we spoke to her about how she FRAMES her day, from banishing the bad vibes by sweating it out to the teacher who is her ‘tonic’.

Tell us a little bit about why moving your FRAME is important to you…

Coming to class clears my brain fog, it helps me manage any anxious thoughts and banish any bad vibes. It’s exactly the escape I need after a long or stressful day. I find that FRAMING helps me feel focused as well. It’s like a ripple effect – exercising more has helped with my overall wellness in ways I would’ve never expected, such as improving friendships. 


Has FRAME ever helped you through a difficult time? 

Frame has actually helped me through two difficult times. I had PCOS and was suffering from low energy, mood swings, skin problems and hair loss. Finding FRAME helped me HUGELY through this time, it helped me both mentally and physically – in fact I even managed to reverse PCOS because of my change of lifestyle. FRAME taught me how to love exercise. Your classes are so varied and fun I never get bored! 

Another time in my life FRAME massively helped me was a few years ago when I was looking for a new job role. It was a tough time and coming to class, getting those sweet endorphins really really helped. The FOH and staff are all so friendly which worked as an extra mood boost when I needed it the most. The positivity really rubs off!


Why does FRAME work for you? 

Accessibility is really important to me, I like the option to workout online when I can’t get to the studio. FRAME classes are just such good fun, they really help create a positive impact on my day. I love the variety of classes too – I am a fan of mixing things up, there is always a class to fit my mood and day.


How do you fit FRAME into your day?

I need a routine in my regular life but with FRAME I like to be spontaneous. I love that FRAME is so flexible. I am a fan of a morning class, but sometimes that doesn’t work out so it’s nice having an option for a lunchtime class if I need a bit of a lay-in or miss my alarm.


What is the one class you cannot get enough of, and why?

After lockdown, it’s all about Dance Cardio for me. It’s 45 minutes of pure fun – every class is always vibes. It doesn’t matter if you can’t Dance – FRAME is the most inclusive studio in London (trust me I’ve tried a few). It’s just an uplifting and positive class – leave your inhibitions at the door! 


If you have had a bad day what’s the one class which is always going to pick you up?

Scarlett Maguire’s classes  – her Rebounding and Dance Cardio is a tonic!


Do you have a class you didn’t think you would love and now adore?

Yin Yoga. I used to think it was just laying down (how wrong was I?) It honestly makes such an impact, the benefits are soooo good (both mentally and physically) . I would recommend Bex Parker Smiths classes – you will come out feeling rejuvenated.


What class originally drew you to FRAME and why?

It was in 2014, I was walking past Shoreditch and the music just led me in. I needed it in my life – the gym just was not working for me. I love that FRAME has a bit of everything. It’s like a one stop shop to feel good!


What’s the one bit of advice would you give to pre FRAME you?

Don’t feel self-conscious about showing up to class – no one cares what you look like. FRAME is inclusive and has helped me understand body positivity. I would also tell myself that it’s worth every penny – you need to invest in yourself. Coming to FRAME has improved my life massively – I actually don’t think I would’ve gotten as far as I have in my job without the power of endorphins.


3 words to explain what FRAME means to you.



When you are not FRAMING what are you up to?

I work as a business development manager for a law firm – so I am very busy with work. In my spare time, I love to cook and explore London.


Tell us a day about when FRAME saved the day.

It’s helped me many times, it’s hard to pinpoint just one. It regularly helps my day. It’s my support. I don’t think I would be as resilient if it wasn’t for FRAME.


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