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Getting to grips with the tech side of working out from home can be tricky. We’ve created this handy guide to help you get the best from your ‘at-home’ zoom class. After your first couple of classes, you’ll be a zoom pro!

Preparation is key!

Download Zoom.

If this is your first time using zoom make sure that you download it onto whatever device you’ll be using to watch your class or workshop. Do this as soon as you book your class so that you won’t be in a panic just before class.

Keep it handy.

There’s nothing worse than frantically searching for an email with the link 5 minutes before your class is due to start. When you book your class create a diary invite and include the zoom link. If you’re going to be using your phone why not text it to yourself and make life super easy!

Early bird.

Login to your class 10 minutes ahead of time so you can check your link, the sound and chat to our team if you need help on the tech set up. If you are working with an injury or are pre or postnatal please use the chatbox to let our team know.

My links not working.

If this happens it’s most likely an issue with Zoom itself you can check out their frequently asked questions.  If you need support from the Frame team email to ensure you have the correct link for the class.

Don’t be late!

Hopefully, you won’t have an issue getting from your bedroom to your living room on time but if that happens please note that we have a 10 minute cut off late policy and you will not be permitted to join the class.

At-home studio set up.

Make sure that you make some space for yourself at home. Push back the sofa or kitchen table to give yourself the most room possible. Check that you have any equipment that you might need for your class (see below) although most of our classes can be done without.


Most of our classes can be done without equipment. Check below for the class you’ve booked to see what you might need so you are ready to get going at the start of class.

BOXFIT – no equipment needed

MAT PILATES – A mat is preferable but you can use a blanket or carpeted floor for comfort

80’s AEROBICS – A mat is preferable but you can use a blanket or carpeted floor for comfort

QUARI CARDIO – no equipment needed

DANCE CARDIO & 90’s DANCE CARDIO – no equipment needed

DYNAMIC VINYASA – A mat, blocks (or books), a strap (or belt)

YANG & YING – A mat, blocks (or books), a strap (or belt), a bolster (or pillow)

ASS & ABS – A resistance band (or tights), ankle weights are optional

KETTLEBELLS – A kettlebell and a mat. Suggested weights. Beginner: 6-8kg, Intermediate: 10-12kg, Advanced: 14+

During class.

We love seeing your face but if you feel more comfortable with your camera off that’s cool. Once the class starts, everyone will be muted so that you can hear the instructor only. Please ensure you remain muted throughout the class unless prompted by your instructor. If you need to chat with us during class just use the chatbox.

After class.

WOOHOO you made it. Make sure you drink plenty of water and let your muscles recover. Maybe go and do one of our on-demand stretch classes. Book your next class