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I’m a 6 for £60 member and this is how I Frame…

By Cesca

Let’s be honest, we all love a bit of nosy. In this week’s blog, we caught up 3 of our 6 for £60 members to see how they use their membership. Imagine through the keyhole, but with endorphins…


We don’t have favourites, but what’s yours? Let’s start with your must-go studio classes..

Amelia: Barre mainly, it boosts my mood, my fitness and my bum! Lily and Jenny are my favourite Barre instructors, lifting my confidence and making me giggle! Barre makes me feel incredibly strong, especially when the instructors say how hard the class is. 

Sarah: Living in a flat in London means there are certain classes which are less than ideal to do in a small space with downstairs neighbours, so Rebounding is one class that I do weekly and couldn’t wait to return to the studios for, also Box Fit and Strength classes like Dumbbells or Lift, as even though I did a couple of classes on-demand I feel like I push myself harder in the studio and the music is on another level!

Cristina: I do rebounding, ass& abs, box fit, bounce & burn, dance cardio and & the workshops. These are the classes where I have the most fun.


What about on-demand? Do you have a go-to class?

Sarah: Oooh, I think I’d have to say Ass & Abs or Barre, even better if it’s themed –  they are easy to do in a small space, have options from 10-45 mins depending on time and also don’t really require much equipment which you wouldn’t have in your home already, but you still feel the workout burn. Heard great things about the Steps themed Step class so excited to try that as well!

Cristina: Hotel Room Hit, because I am often short of space (and time!) and this class suits my schedule perfectly.


Why are you a fan of FRAME?

Amelia: The enthusiasm that oozes from the instructors, the ‘who cares if you’re a beginner’ attitude – everyone is so lovely and supportive. 

Sarah: It’s such an inclusive environment the instructors don’t ever make you feel uncomfortable or as if you’re doing something wrong they are there to support you. Frame also offers such a variety of classes that there really is something for everyone and covers all music genres!

Cristina: Frame is inclusive, I feel seen and looked after, it’s like being part of a big family, this is why I really love it.


Why does the 6 for £60 membership work for you?

Amelia: Because it’s my in between trial of ‘ do I choose the £120 membership’ !! It’s a really good way into the gym, if you can’t commit to the £120 a month just yet. 

Sarah: It allows me to have my weekly class booked in but then offers me a couple of additional classes in the month when I can pick something different to try in the studio whilst still giving me access to all the online on-demand classes as well! 

Cristina: I think this membership is a good compromise between the studio classes and those on demand so once I finish the 6 classes I can always continue working out online


Finish this sentence… I move my FRAME because…

Amelia: My body deserves to feel strong ! 

Sarah: It keeps me in both physical and mental shape. 

Cristina: It makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.


When I am not FRAMING you can find me…

Amelia: Mooching in north London, particularly Alexandra palace, the views are second to none! 

Cristina: reading, hiking, napping, probably learning something new.

Sarah: Chilling out on the sofa watching the latest reality TV in my Oodie after a weekend away with friends.


Feeling tempted? Why not give our 6 for £60 membership a go. It includes 6 studio classes, FRAME on-demand (which now has over 250 videos, with classes added weekly) and access to our friends with benefits partner perks (hellooo sweet discounts).