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How to keep your Fra-Mojo alive to the end of January and beyond

By jayne

How to keep your Fra-Mojo alive beyond January

Hello gorgeous. Yes! You! I see you, Ms New Frame Regular 2023. Talk about making those New Year resolutions count. You are smashing it, you scrumptious thing. I see you, singing along with your favourite instructor’s Spotify playlist. I see you, gamely strapping on the ankle weights even when they are optional. I’m loving this for you. So much so, in fact, that I think we should make this more than a January fling. I’ve got a plan to keep the fitness love alive this year. Are you in?

1. Make fitness part of your favourite days of the week

It might seem super efficient to book in for that class before work on a Monday, but let’s be realistic: when that alarm goes off an hour early in the cold and dark you will not be excited for it. To keep the spark alive in your fitness journey, make it part of your treat days, not shoehorned into the grit-your-teeth bits of your week. Book a class at a civilised hour on a weekend morning, and arrange to meet a friend for brunch afterwards so that it becomes a nice outing, with positive associations.

2. Don’t flake on yourself

Newsflash: you will *always* be too busy. There will always be emails from your boss to answer/missing kids’ PE kit to find/a dog that hasn’t been walked/a dishwasher that needs emptying. Sometimes all of the above. Something’s gotta give, but if you want to be strong and healthy and fabulous – duh! – then that something is gonna have to be a spreadsheet or the laundry, not your Frame class.

3. Make an effort for those Frame mirrors

This sounds daft but bear with me. Frame is like going to the hairdresser’s: you spend a lot of time looking at your reflection in the mirror. So dress however makes you happy. That doesn’t have to be designer leggings, it could be a favourite slogan T-shirt over your sports bra or putting your hair in a French plait. Think of it like date night, but just for you, yourself and I. Bring your best self into that studio.

4. Play the field

Or at least, flirt a bit to keep your options open. Finding a class you love is ace but finding two different classes that you love is even better. Switching it up is great for your fitness, keeps you from getting bored *and* makes it easier to get your fitness fix in on a day that works for you.

5. Have a goal that isn’t just about sticking to a New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever noticed how literally no one ever mentions New Year’s Resolutions after the first month of the year? You need to find a motivation that will keep you focussed in the hard yards of February and March. Summer bodies are made in winter: if you can land at the beginning of April feeling strong and healthy then that Hot Girl Summer is yours for the taking.

Let’s keep this going till Valentine’s Day and beyond….

Written by Jess Cartner-Morley, Long time Framer and Associate Editor (Fashion) at The Guardian.