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Meet Olivia, our Frame Academy Pilates Graduate

By Chloe Kiln

Meet Olivia Barrowclough. Actress, aerialist and now reformer Pilates teacher

We can go off an a spiel about why we think our Pilates Academy Course is so great. But instead of that, we thought we'd chat to recent Frame Academy Graduate Olivia Barrowclough...

Introduce yourself and what's your journey through the Frame Academy?

I’m Olivia, I’m an actress, aerialist and now reformer Pilates teacher.

I’ve always been very into movement and exercise, I started teaching aerial circus just over a year ago – I like helping people who maybe don’t feel comfortable in a gym find ways to move their body that they enjoy. However teaching aerial is very physically demanding so I wanted to find a more sustainable teaching outlet. I was introduced to Reformer Pilates through injury rehab and I loved how well it complimented my other training and made me feel more in tune with my body.

Why did you choose Frame’s Dynamic Reformer Training?

I chose the Frame Dynamic Reformer Training because my friend used to work for Frame and had nothing but amazing things to say about it.

The training on the course and the support since completing it and starting teaching has been great, it’s been invaluable to have that community support network especially when starting something new. In such a short period of time I’ve gone from training on the course, to auditioning with Frame and now have a permanent teaching slot on Shoreditch’s timetable on a Saturday!

3 top takeaways from the course?

  • Every “body” is different and each exercise will be different for each person, the most important thing is making the class accessible so everyone leaves feeling better
  • Focus on nailing the basics
  • Positive language and cueing is vital

What did you most enjoy about the course?

I enjoyed many things about the course; I loved practicing teaching each other and learning about the different learning styles clients could have and the best ways to help them understand an exercise.

How easy was it to fit in the course and study work around your schedule / job?

Because the course was over weekends it was easy to fit around the work I had at the time, it did mean 4 weeks of 7 day work weeks but the course was interesting and fun enough that it didn’t feel like a chore to give up my weekends!

Why would you recommend this course to others?

I just loved taking the Dynamic Reformer Teacher training at Frame!! I learnt so much in such a small period of time and the support and resources we received have been endlessly useful since starting teaching. There’s a lovely family feeling to Frame and I feel grateful to have been welcomed in!

If you’re looking to step away from the 9 – 5 for something more rewarding, or you just want your natural performer to shine through and inspire people to be more healthy and happy then Frame Academy could be just for you. Our next Reformer Pilates starts on 23rd September, please email for more info if you’re interested!