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Meet Tom Pitiris

By jayne

Meet Tom Pitiris

When Tom is not busy popping up on our TV screens and the odd bus stop ad, he's keeping his Frame fans happy with upbeat, challenging and FUN Reformer Pilates classes.

What was your journey to becoming a Pilates instructor?

After making a snap decision at age 21 to train as a professional dancer my body naturally suffered a lot of injuries. The school I was training at offered Reformer Pilates and hailed it as a miracle exercise regime to support dancers in their training and they were spot on. I learned how to manage my injuries and I became so much more aware of my body in such a short space of time. I moved to London in 2015 and a couple of years later I discovered Frame and once again Reformer Pilates was back in my life. I took the leap and completed the Instructor training with the Frame Academy and I haven’t looked back!

Finish this sentence - I love Pilates because…

Regardless of how I’m feeling I can always get something out of a session whether I’m pushing myself in a dynamic, sweaty workout or focusing on my breath in more of a calm, moving meditation.

Describe your teaching style in 3 words

Challenging, Fresh, Fun

The best feedback/review you’ve ever received

Tom is an amazing instructor. He gives progressions, really clear instructions and challenges you whilst being supportive. I learnt so much that I’ll take into my next class. Ps. the music is awesome!”

What’s your go-to Reformer move and WHY?

I can’t go past a teaser of any variation. I love the instant shake and find it to be a very humbling move even for those at an advanced level. You have to engage your entire body but more importantly your mind! I throw it into almost every class I teach and admittedly get a little satisfaction whenever I hear the collective groan from the room when they realise where they’re about to go.

What do you get up to when you’re not teaching Pilates?

Gracing your TV screens and bus stop billboards 😉 When I’m not living and breathing pilates I’m following my biggest passion, acting. My main reason for relocating to London was to chase the dream of being a professional screen actor and I’m so grateful that I get to do it alongside my pilates work.

The one thing you wish people knew about Pilates…

No matter your age, profession, fitness level, height, weight or build, as long as you have a positive attitude you will always be able to get something out of a session and more often than not you’ll be coming back for more.

Besides from your fabulous self - who are your favourite Frame Pilates teachers and why

Poppy Appleyard, Melisa Lopez, Ben Stott – without a doubt they always deliver that satisfying pilates burn with a great big smile and an encouraging and uplifting attitude.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given

Always be your true, authentic self and trust that your tribe will find you.

Feeling inspired to get to a class with Tom?

You can find him Monday and Saturday mornings in Shoreditch, Tuesday lunch times and Thursday evenings in Angel and Friday mornings in Kings Cross. BOOK NOW