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Meet Yasmin

By jayne

Meet Yamsin

The challenging but supportive Pilates instructor who's class you MUST try!

What was your journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor?

I finished University and got a desk-based 9-5 job. The first thing I did was buy a package of Reformer sessions to prevent back pain and all the other issues that a sedentary lifestyle can bring. 

Obviously, I LOVED it.

I already had some experience teaching dance and fitness, but thought Pilates was a game changer. So, after a few months I put the deposit down for my Pilates Diploma… and here we are. 

I love Pilates because…

It’s fluid. Pilates can be whatever you want/need it to be – intense, relaxing, energising, calming, lengthening, strong, and everything in between.

Describe your teaching style in 3 words

Simple, challenging and balanced.

Best feedback/review you’ve ever received?

Someone once wrote that they felt challenged in my classes but safe and supported enough to push themselves. 

Creating a good vibe and a safe environment is a priority for every class, so this was really nice to read.

What’s your go-to Reformer move and WHY?

Footwork – it tells me where everyone in the room is at.

What do you get up to when you’re not teaching Pilates?

I’m mostly seeing loved ones, training, taking long walks, reading or sleeping. I could sleep for England!

The one thing you wish people knew about Pilates…

Forget what you’ve heard, it is not just “a stretch”.

Besides from your fabulous self - who are your favourite Pilates teachers and why?

Gary Healey – Super knowledgeable!

Tom Pitiris – So creative, so effective. 

Inspired to get to a class with Yasmin? Find her at Frame Hammersmith every Sunday and Monday am!