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Mental Health & Me – Adam’s Story

By Cesca

For World Mental Health Day we are sharing FRAMERS personal stories to help raise awareness. If anyone is struggling with their mental health we recommend contacting one of the wonderful charities given at the end of this article. Remember it is good to talk.


In this interview, we speak to Adam, a member of our wonderful front of house team.


What is your experience of mental health?

Okay, I will start by saying this. We all know that life is challenging, and people cope in different ways but the way that I coped was to be silent. The more I was silent the darker it got and that is when the butterfly effect started to occur in my life. For so many years I went on the run, on the run from my own emotions telling myself I was okay and not talking or sharing. Until suddenly I ran into a brick wall and hit rock bottom and I am telling you the bottom isn’t pretty and it’s scary but there is always a way out.


What’s the one myth about mental health which really annoys you?

– ‘It’s all made up in your head’; but it’s real and very much not made up. 

-The assumption that men should be men is one of the most annoying myths of all and that men do not cry. I am a pure example of a man who had bottled up his emotions for so long that he became the personification of a ‘lost soul’. Therefore, men do cry, have feelings, and should be allowed to freely express their emotions without being judged for it.


One thing everyone should know about Mental Health..

In society, mental health is still considered a taboo subject, however mental health is actually a very beautiful thing because it represents our individuality, our journeys in life and makes us different from one another.


Do you use exercise to help with your mental health?

Yes, there have been instances in my life where I have hit low points and I have turned to fitness to be my aid for happiness. Sometimes when you feel there is nothing, there is always something and fitness is that for me.


 What would you say to anyone who is currently struggling with their mental health?

Never give up. Mental health is a long highway and there will be potholes, speed bumps and even a spontaneous roundabout. But you just need to learn to drive the car and once you do, you own it. Mental health is not what you are, it is who you are, therefore never be ashamed of it because the way you are created is glorious. When you feel like you have hit rock bottom, always remember that there is nowhere else to fall, so you build a ladder, and you climb up.


What top tips would you give anyone who is struggling with their mental health?

 Talk, reach out. The biggest factor is not talking about how you feel and the more you don’t talk the more you sink. You must always remember that in the darkness there will always be some form of light, you just need to find it.


 If you or anyone you know is suffering from any mental health issues here are some charities who will be happy to have a chat and help. Remember you are not alone.