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Money Matters with Vestpod

By jayne

Money Matters, let's get financially fit!

5 top tips to get started with personal finances and money management in the middle of the cost of living crisis (from repaying debt, saving, budgeting, setting financial goals to investing). As inflation continues to bite and energy costs soar with remarkable speed, many of us feel at a loss when it comes to managing our money. Grab a coffee, sit down somewhere comfy, and spend an hour today to jot down a plan!

1. The Warm Up - Understand What Money Means to You

Before you dive into practical tips, let’s understand your money mindset. Think about what money means to you – do you avoid your finances and frequently end up in debt? Or perhaps you have a tendency to spend money impulsively? Reflect on the messages about money you may have received growing up, your beliefs and write down your story.

2. Get Prepping - Your Financial Checkup

Now it’s time to do a quick financial health check. Review your expensive debts and work on a plan to tackle them, find a way to build up an emergency fund (even if you only start small!) and calculate your net worth to understand where you stand today. Think of it like taking a snapshot of your financial situation – even if it looks less than stellar, don’t worry! It’ll help you understand where you need to go, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

3. Stretch Your Muscles - Assess Your Spending Habits

Keep a spending diary and start tracking, apps are useful to do this. Get a realistic view and create your budget around 3 categories: essentials, lifestyle and savings. Needs are what are required (i.e. food, bills and rent/mortgage). Wants are what you wish to have for your comfort. Thinking more sustainably helps: reduce consumption, reuse, recycle and make things last.

4. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize - Set Goals and Priorities

Write your short, medium and long term goals on paper and start saving. Savings protect you in the short term and investing is important for the long-haul, especially in this climate of inflation so that your money works harder for you. It’s a balance between having enough money today and delaying gratification for your future self, if you have a pension you’re already an investor.

5. Keep Going - Be Grateful and Talk to Others

You never know who might be struggling so be mindful, open and honest – connect and check in with those close to you. It also helps to stay grounded and grateful – it might be difficult to do when you’re stressed out with money, but keeping a gratitude list to remind yourself of the things that still bring you joy in your life is extremely humbling. It’s never too late to get started with your money – so whichever part of the journey you’re at, embrace it and enjoy the ride!

Ready to take the leap into sorting your personal finances?

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