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What’s a Moon Circle?

By Cesca

The moon, it’s kinda a big deal. But what is a Moon Circle and why should this year’s most talked about wellness routine be the top of your list to try? 

Many of us are looking for new ways to tune into how we’re feeling, to manage stress and anxiety and generally to find new/better ways to live. This pandemic has forced us all to slow down and has given us time to reflect and think about what we really want from life.

Living in line with the moon cycles has grown massively in the past year. It used to be that everyone would set intentions in January only to forget about them by the 1st of February. With Lunar living you have an opportunity to set intentions monthly. The New Moon is when you set intentions and the Full Moon is when you release what no longer serves. 

The History of Moon Circles – Across many cultures, religions and tribes women used to gather together under the full or new moon and many tied to menstruation. The women would share knowledge, support generations and great community and connection. With a year of isolation, it’s no wonder that women are seeking out these moon circles to feel a sense of connection, togetherness and community. 

We’ve teamed up with Emily Aitcheson, founder of Luna Circle for a New Moon Circle. This 90-minute gathering at our beautiful Fitzrovia studio is to set intentions for the next lunar cycle, tune into what this new moon in Gemini Moon Cycle has in store for us.

We had a quick chat with Emily to get the down-low on her upcoming workshop…


Who is a New Moon Circle for?

Anyone who is looking for some guidance, maybe feeling a little lost or is going through a life transition and needs to tap into your inner wisdom. It’s also perfect for people looking to reset with some meditation and intention setting with a group of women. It’s a welcoming space for women and all who identify as women. 


What are the benefits?

The perfect way to completely rest and reset. You’ll leave feeling chilled and more aligned.


Do I need to know anything about the moon before going? 

No, not at all. I will be guiding you through the workshop and giving information on working with the moon cycle.


What should I bring?

Bring a journal, comfy socks, your favourite cardigan and blanket. 


How much does it cost?



Join Emily for her 90-minute Moon Circle Workshop, 7:30 PM this Thursday (10th June) at FRAME Fitzrovia.

Find out more about Luna Circle Wellness here