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Ready to get a good nights sleep?

By jayne

Ready to get a good nights sleep?

Sleep is the foundation of feeling good. Life is full of responsibilities, ups and downs, Netflix Series that keep us up for 'just one more episode' and of course that tucked up in bed with one last scroll of your newsfeed feeling... The good news is, we can help. Check out our two immersive workshops guaranteed to have you sleeping like a baby. The 28 day science backed Sleep program from NEOM that costs just £10. A free Yin for Sleep on-demand class that caused one of our team to sleep for 9 hours!! And win a mega prize worth £798!!

Yin and Aromatherapy for Sleep at Hammersmith

During this 2 hour workshop we will explore practices that invoke the senses and help with sleep by weaving the powerful benefits of aromatherapy into Yoga, meditation, breathwork and sound therapy. 2pm Saturday 10th of September. £30 or free for Gold and Frame Members. BOOK NOW

Gong Ceremony for Sleep at Shoreditch

A nourishing 75 minute Gong Ceremony to immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of sound. Activate your restorative parasympathetic nervous system where you will find true relaxation to aid sleep. 1.30pm Sunday 18th of September. £30 or free for Gold and Frame Members. BOOK NOW

A Perfect Night's Sleep with NEOM

Tomorrow, NEOM will be launching their Perfect Night’s Sleep Plan, a science-backed 28-day program created by sleep consultant and Director at Elite Sleep, Nick Witton. The NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Plan costs a one off fee of £10. You’ll get weekly support and a free Pillow Mist Spray. SIGN UP NOW

Yin for Better Sleep

WIN with NEOM & Frame

Win the ultimate ‘Get Your Shit Together September’ prize worth £798!! Get a Sleep Pod Starter Pack (worth £115) and Scent to Sleep Range (£143) from NEOM and a 3 month Gold Membership worth £540. All you have to do is go to our latest post on Instagram and enter! Competition closes 18th of September. ENTER NOW