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The diary of a Framer by Sonia

By Cesca

We have taken a peek into a FRAMERS diary to see how they FRAME their week. This week we have a nosy at Sonia’s weekly go-to’s and discover her hump day hero and the lunchtime pick me up she cannot skip. 

Retro Rebounding – Monday 7AM in Kings Cross with Lucy Hoogstraten

This is quite possibly the best way to begin the new week. Lucy has such brilliant energy and I always leave feeling super energised and ready for the week. Rebounding to an 80’s soundtrack always puts me in a good mood and is most definitely worth the early alarm! I also love the toning and abs section of this class.


Dance Cardio – Wednesday 7.30PM in Angel with Scarlett Maguire

Scarlett’s classes are my favourite! Her dance cardio class is super fun and never feels like an actual workout. Scarlett has such amazing positive energy and her classes are always a guaranteed mood-booster. This class feels like being at a party and is full of good vibes.


80’s Aerobics – Thursday 1.15pm in Kings Cross with Lucy Hoogstraten

80’s Aerobics is one of my favourite classes at Frame. This class with Lucy is super uplifting and is the perfect lunchtime class! I love the mixture of cardio and toning exercises in this class. By Thursday afternoon I can sometimes feel a bit short of energy after a busy week, I always leave the studio feeling amazing after this class!


Dance Cardio – Saturday 10.45pm in Kings Cross with Yasmeen Mohamed

Yasmeen’s dance cardio is super high energy but is also one of the best mood-boosters known to mankind (fact!).Yasmeen will definitely make you work hard, but the feeling post-class is so worth-it! Coming to this class regularly and also other dance cardio’s at Frame are such a brilliant way to improve your cardio without the need to be running on a treadmill or other conventional forms of cardio.


Bend it like Barbie – Sunday 14.15 in Angel with Scarlett Maguire

After a busy week and weekend, this stretch class with Scarlett is the perfect way to stretch it all out, unwind and completely de-stress. I often get a lot of tightness in my hips and quads and this class really helps to get rid of any tension in my body. I love high energy classes such as dance cardio and rebounding, but a regular deep stretch class is the best way to relax my mind and body. I always feel super chilled and floaty when I leave the studio after this class.

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