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The lowdown on the new Barre update

By jayne

The lowdown on the new Barre update!

New month, new Barre update. This update is all about ANTI-CORE, which basically means you're core muscles are going to get ANNIHILATED, in the best possible way obvs. We chatted to Barre Master Trainer Eian to give us the 411.

3 words that sum up the new Barre update...


What the heck is 'anti-core' and why do we need it in our lives?

The main function of our core is to keep you body stable and protect your spine (restrict movement) There are 3 primary categories for core training, anti-rotation, anti-flexion & anti-lateral flexion. While that might not make any sense to you on paper, all you need to know is that you will be challenged on all 3 in this new update! Having a strong, stable core helps prevent injuries and allows us to perform at our best.

Is this update suitable for total Barre newbies?

Every level of experience is welcomed in Barre, all our amazing instructors are equipped with ways to make the class suitable for everyone. Starting anything new can sometimes be a bit scary but Frame is waiting with open arms and beginner modifications!

How many Barre classes should we be doing per week to really double down on the technique and feel the mega mental and physical benefits?

Barre is low impact so you can do it 6 days a week if you reeeeeally wanted with your rest day in there but it is all about balance and moving your body in multiple ways. So I would always recommend doing 2-3 Barre/Pilates focused workouts a week to keep your body in check.

To sock or not to sock? In your expert opinion, do you think it's better to wear barre socks or go barefoot? Also grippy or no? We need to know!!

Oooooh this is always the tricky one. I personally like barefoot so you can really feel the floor but sometimes a certain exercise works best with non-grip and grippy socks. So wear what you feel most comfortable in! I love it when clients wear the cute ‘happy grips’ we sell at FOH.

You're known for creating some EPIC playlists to distract us from the Barre burn. What bangers can we expect this time?

There are always bangers and a mix of eclectic and remixed tracks to push you through the leg shakes! There is a chance to get your glute burn with ‘Say My Name’ and a killer ab burn to Toni Braxton ‘Un-break my heart’ What’s not to love?! Listen to the playlist here

The new Barre update is available in-studio and live stream for the next 8 – 10 weeks. Book now