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What is a Cacao Ceremony?

By Francesca Secolonovo

To most people Cacao is known as nothing more than chocolate, or as a superfood (which it is), but Cacao is also a tool for healing, self-realisation and connection. This tradition runs from ancient civilizations such as the Mayan and the Aztec people all the way up to today.


The civilisations who used Cacao in this way were a lot more connected to mother earth than we are today, and Cacao was shared amongst communities to bring people together. It was known as ‘heart medicine of the earth’, widely known to deepen our own connection to our heart. Cacao is heart-opening, it is heart awakening and it aims to guide us from the busyness of our minds back into this deeper place of feeling.


KaKaw is a Mayan verb that literally means ‘to drink chocolate together’, and during moments where humanity strays from heart-filled intentions, this was the medicine to return us to our true nature. To bring us back home; which is the space of love, compassion and togetherness.


Ceremonial-grade Cacao is chocolate in its purest form, where nothing has been added or taken away, using high-quality Cacao beans and processed minimally at low temperatures. What gives Cacao its heart-opening quality is the property of theobromine, which increases our blood flow through our heart. Therefore it is important to always mindfully be aware of how strong you prepare your cup of Cacao, as the higher dosage used will provide a potentially stronger physical effect. In my opinion to receive the benefits of this medicine ‘less is more’.


Cacao is also a good alternative for folks who are looking to give up coffee, as it can provide the same ‘kick’ coffee provides only without the negative effect it has on our adrenals. Cacao is rich in antioxidants, it includes all of the mood enhancers such as the love molecule, anandamide (known as the bliss molecule), and it also increases our oxytocin, thus creating a deeper sense of connection with others. Everything about Cacao is there to make us feel good.


Cacao is wonderful to incorporate within reflective practices such as sound healing and meditation, and on Monday 17th January I will be combining a Cacao Ceremony with Sound Healing.


This event invites you to drop into a gentle space of awareness and stillness; to drink together, setting our own individual intentions then to be guided through a meditation just before we settle ourselves comfortably for the healing practice of Sound Healing.


Expect sounds from beautifully crafted Himalayan Singing bowls, chimes, bells and singing which is all uniquely designed to take you on an inner journey.

This month’s Full Moon Cacao Ceremony is happening this Sunday the 15th of May at 5.30pm at Frame Angel.