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What to expect from the new Lift update

By Cesca

We spoke to our Head of Fitness and all-around wonder woman Diana Van Heerden about the new Lift update coming to the studios on Monday 13th September.


What can we expect from this new Lift update?

We are getting nostalgic and taking it back to an old update (Lift 13) from around 2 and a half years ago. In this update, we are using the barbell throughout on the arm tracks as opposed to plates. The only exception where a single plate is used is the Ab track and the oblique work at the end of the Lunges track. Expect lots of Conventional Deadlifts, Split squats and 5 and a half minute Squat track to make sure legs and lower body are WORKED! On the barbell, there are single bent over rows and triple push presses. Simple, repetitive but effective and enjoyable (just wait until you hear the soundtrack). For the upper body expect isolation and compound move designed to really target specific muscles (we are talking Skull Crushers and Barbell bicep curls – yummy!).  Let’s not forget the abs – we are working the whole musculature of the abdominals with half sit-ups, full roll-ups, Russian twists, oblique reverse crunches and planks – expect to feel the burn! 

I haven’t done any exercise over lockdown, will this class be ok for me?

Absolutely! We have 4 weight recommendations for each track: beginners, intermediates, advanced and pros. The instructor will also be able to give any modifications needed.

Don’t panic if you can’t do everything just yet! This update will go on for 10 weeks so you will have enough time to progress.

I love a great tune – what new tracks can I expect?

N.E.R.D and some old school TLC – what’s not to love?

How many times a week should I do a Lift class?

Ideally, 2-3 times a week as a beginner, 3-4 times as intermediate and advanced, but even squeezing in one class a week has amazing benefits.

What’s the benefit of doing this class?

LIFT is all about getting you stronger and making you feel like a superhero. Trust me you will have such a great time in class. We work with high repetitions and TUT (Time Under Tension) which helps you not just to get stronger but also increases your metabolism. Mixing tempos and spending more time under tension burns more energy post-exercise 36-48hrs after. The slower tempos (either eccentric or concentric) promote energy expenditure and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Will any other FRAME classes compliment my Lift training?

Strength and conditioning can be well complemented by cardio and stretching (well needed after all that pump you are experiencing on a Lift class). I would recommend Rebounding/ Dance Cardio/ 80’s Aerobics is a fun way of cardio and Yoga or Pilates for lengthening and stretching.

Why should everyone try a Lift at least once in their lives?

Lift weights and have fun! Not only will you get stronger but you can sing along as you do it. Trust me, after each class, you will feel like a superhero!


The new LIFT update goes live across all our studios from Monday 13th September. BOOK your spot now!