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3 tips to return to exercise after baby safely

By jayne

How to return to exercise post-baby to avoid burnout

When you return to exercise is dependent on your specific birth - remembering that no two births are the same - and more importantly, when you want to. Many mums feel pressure to return once they’ve had their 6 week health check from the doctor, but you may want to wait until the 12 week mark or later. Returning to exercise doesn’t mean going back to your old high intensity training or long distance runs. As someone who loves exercise, and had a fairly intense exercise regime, I found that hard to grapple with after my first child was born. But to get your strength back safely, you have to start with the basics to give your body the chance to strengthen from the inside out. Remember, even if you exercised throughout pregnancy, you will have regressed your training, so rest assured you will feel like you again but it’s going to take more than a few weeks. See below for my top 3 tips to return to exercise after baby safely

1 Don't wait for your baby to be on their best behavior

Worried about your baby being a handful? We’re used to them losing their sh*t, in every sense of the word. Sickness aside, your postnatal instructor and fellow classmates are accustomed to screaming, groggy babies- that’s why you’re all in class together. After a couple of sessions you’ll be amazed at how good it feels when you turn to see it’s not just your baby losing it- trust me, they all take turns. And if you’ve had to wake them up mid-nap so you can get to class on time, please don’t feel guilty. You in a post workout good-mood is SO beneficial to your baby. 

2 Just do it…and then do it again

 A Mumhood class at Frame always feels like a fun, sweaty hang out with like-minded mums sure, but to get the lasting benefits of the classes, both mentally and physically, ensure you’re exercising regularly. Gradually getting stronger week on week will massively help you with your recovery, including if you’re suffering with postpartum depression. Even when you’re functioning on minimal sleep and can’t face a group class, 30 mins of walking with the pram, pelvic floor exercises (read more here) whilst sitting on the sofa or trying an on-demand postnatal yoga sessions are excellent options. 

3 Get your kit on

Rather than feeling uncomfortable in your pre-baby gear, treat yourself to fresh garms to give you a morale boost. My go to bottoms have always been: Lululemon Aligns- they stretch with you so they’ll always fit with your body as it changes, and also last the test of time. Sports bra: Jorgon House maternity sports bra – as well as looking trés chic, it’s comfy and adapts to fluctuating cup sizes. Ps. Moneys too tight to mention but you can get some awesome brands on Vinted (new with tags) for a fraction of the price. 

Lastly, don’t forget to take lots of rest breaks, sip water regularly and if something doesn’t feel right…it’s probably not, so stop and speak with an expert/instructor. 

*I recommend all postnatal clients to see a women’s health physio to get a ‘mummy MOT’ if possible. They can give you a thorough examination and offer advice on your return to exercise. Some common contraindications include prolapse (50% of women), heavy bleeding and leaking- so if you think you might be experiencing one or all of these conditions, ask your doctor to refer you to a women’s health physio.

Lizzie Bland has over 15 years of experience in the Pilates and fitness industry and is also mum to 3 little boys. After running a business in Sydney for the last 10 years, she’s back at Frame and can’t wait to get to know all the lovely members on their Mumhood journey. 

Catch Lizzie on Thursdays in Shoreditch- 10am Postnatal fitness + 11am Postnatal yoga. 

Check out the full schedule [here] to find all the weekly postnatal classes at Frame. Babies up to 1yo welcome and feel free to bring their fave toys and a mat so they can workout beside you.