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3 ways to Frame through the strikes

By jayne

There’s only one thing that’s worse than a TFL strike. A TFL strike, minus your endorphin fix.

Our daily dose is always a welcome rush of happiness, but in times of stress it’s ESSENTIAL. So here’s our handy guide to getting it done no matter what.

Urban Hiking and Biking

London is actually an incredible City to see by foot or on a bike. Why not make the most of the early mornings and the longest days of the year as we enter the Summer Solstice and make your commute or studio visit an adventure? Racking up a cool 20k steps or seeing the city overground for once might just stave off the pent up anger over your routine being thrown out the window!

Frame On-Demand

Ahhhhh, the one thing we can all thank the Panny D for bringing into our lives. The Netflix of Fitness AKA, Frame on-demand is the one-stop-shop for Frame classes. Every genre, instructor and class length is available at your fingertips. Bonus, you press play and create your own timetable at a time that works for YOU. Check it out here

Frame Livestream

So, you like the idea of online classes but need the motivation of ‘showing up’ to a class? Say hello to livestream Framing. Same classes, same vibe just beamed straight into your home (or office). Handy eh? Check out the timetable here 

If you’re as confused as us about the details of the strike and how it’s going to affect us, we hear you. Thank goodness for CityMapper and their incredibly easy to read but very detailed blog on the what, where and when of the TFL strike.