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Better Periods: Follicular Phase / Inner Spring

By jayne

You’ve finally finished your period and it’s like you’ve come alive again. Your energy is rising, your libido is popping, your hair and skin are on point and you feel ready to jump into the world again. During this phase, we benefit from rising estrogen (our feminising hormone that increases our energy and mood and cognition building brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin) and testosterone (the hormone that increases our muscle mass, makes orgasms stronger and increases our confidence and willingness to take risks). All of this is our body’s way of preparing us for the next phase, ovulation. 

Antioxidants: They’re not just for skincare! We get antioxidants from brightly coloured fruits and vegetables and other whole foods. These can help lower inflammation and support the immune system. This is important because our bodies want us to be as healthy as possible as we go into ovulation. A great way to remember this is to eat the rainbow, adding as many colours as possible to each meal. 

Fibre: With all those rising hormones, we need to make sure they’re able to find a way out. That’s where fibre comes in: it helps us stay regular and gives all the hormones our body has used an exit point. There are so many beautiful ways to add more fibre into your meals: fruit and vegetables with the peel still on, brown rice, bread and pasta, nuts, pulses, seeds and beans.

How To Move 

This is the time to take advantage of all that rising energy and the strength building benefits of testosterone. It will be easier to put on muscle during this time in your menstrual cycle and you’ll be able to lift heavier too. So go for classes that play to your strength (pun intended!). 

Class Recommendations

Box Fit, Frame Lift, Frame Strength, Kettlebells, Barre, Ass & Abs, Reform-ish Pilates, Reformer Pilates