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By Cesca

Let’s be honest, the rules and regulations for the easing of lockdown have been as clear as mud. So we would like to clear up a couple of vital things in relation to the reopening of our studios. Let us get straight to the point and answer ALL your burning questions that have been sliding into our DMs this week.


Are you opening on the 12th of April?  

You might know our strapline ‘I don’t go to the gym, I go to FRAME’. And as such we will sadly NOT be allowed to reopen on the 12th of April in line with ‘gyms’ instead we’re aiming for the 17th of May with all ‘group fitness’ following the government guidelines. 


Do you have details on studio pricing? 

Absolutely, you can see our studio pricing here. We’ve got a brand new ‘how to pay’ page coming soon but for now, you can find all the information you need HERE


Are you doing outdoor classes? 

Not right now. We’ve got HUGE plans for reopening and we are putting all of our efforts into making our studio relaunches the best experience ever for you guys. As the weather gets warmer we may revisit the Kings Cross outdoor classes that have been running for the past four years. Keep your eyes peeled 👀  P.s – you can take our online classes to the park. Vitamin D plus endorphins for a double dose of feel good.


Are you doing open gym like other studios? 

No, we don’t feel like this is the FRAME experience we want to create for you. However, you can book into 1-2-1 Reformer session and PT at any of our studios except for Hammersmith. Find all PT and Reformer 1-2-1 info HERE 


When is Hammersmith reopening?

Annoyingly we can’t reopen Hammersmith just yet as IKEA is still doing massive building work in the mall – how handy will it be to pick up some ‘bits’ from IKEA post-class though?? Hold tight and we’ll be back with a bang in September. 


Is FRAME Online staying?

 Yes, one million percent. Our Livestream and on-demand classes are now part of the FRAME furniture. Like that sofa in Friends…PIVOT it ain’t going anywhere. Come to see us in the studio when you can and get your fix online when you can’t. Seamless.


What’s happening online in April?

OK, so we may have slid this cheeky one in BUT only because we don’t want you to miss out on the online action we’re serving up. You can book into a 30-minute Breakfast Club class at 7.15am Monday – Thursday with big personalities and PRIZES yes every morning you show up to class you could be randomly selected to win a prize worth £70 from our friends Wild, Moju Drinks, Aguulp (Professor Greens liquid supplements) and liquid hugs via Gibsons Goodology. BOOK NOW.